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This is the Easiest Way To Get Your Google AdSense Account Approved

The Easiest Way To Get Google AdSense Account Approved

  1. Get a Top Level Domain (TLD) like dot com, dot net, etc. DO NOT USE FREE DOMAIN NAMES like dot tk or dot ml
  2. Choose your niche (topic) for your blog and focus on that  one topic instead of many.
  3. Write about 10-20 unique blog articles. DO NOT COPY PASTE – Google will find out.
  4. Do not copy paste any text from any source.

  5. Do not use any image from the internet inside your blog post. Google has the most sophisticated algorithm that detects copyright infringement.
  6. Do not use fancy thumbnails for blog posts, they might be copyrighted.
  7. Write articles on your blog Consistently.
  8. Share your posts on Facebook, Google+, everywhere.
  9. Get your friends to visit your blog.
  10. Don’t get paid traffic for your website. NEVER NEVER NEVER !
  11. Do the above steps for 1 Month and put your sweat into it.
  12. After a month, Apply for Google Adsense.

If you follow the above steps. Google Adsense will definitely approve you website and account.


If you get approved then it will be your responsibility to keep Google Ads free from Invalid Click Activity. But do you know how to detect invalid click activity?

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