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What is Click Bombing? How to avoid being click bombed on Google Adsense

Competition is high in this website world we live in. It’s a dog eat dog world. Everyone is looking to get the most out of something at any cost. A real Google Adsense blogger is willing to go to extreme lengths to earn and be a successful webmaster.

If you are an Adsense publisher you may have come across click bombing on your websites.


Let’s us explain what click bombing is below:


What is Click Bombing?

When an Adsense ad is clicked more than the normal times e.g. when a malicious visitor clicks your ad 50 times; this is termed click bombing. Probably, the malicious visitor is trying to get you banned by Adsense by creating invalid clicks.



How to deal with click bombing when it happens.

Google knows and understands that some site visitors have malicious intentions when they visit your site.

They have created a form where you can report invalid click activity. Click bombing already falls into the invalid click activity category. This form essentially tells Google that you are suspecting click bombing activities on your website.

By filling in the form and submitting it to Google, you are simply alerting Google ONLY. Please bear in mind that it’s your responsibility to prevent invalid activity from occurring on your account, and this form does not absolve you of that responsibility.

You can find the form by here.


How can you tell you are being Click Bombed


  1. Obviously, the first sign is a huge spike click activity on Google Adsense Account. Check your CTR on Google Adsense report. If CTR is above 7% there is a high possibility that invalid click activity is happening on your site.

  2. Check Google Analytics for all the site visitors vs their click activity. ( Your Google Analytics account should be linked with Google Adsense Account for this report to come out.)
  3. Check your server log file to see if there is one IP addresses sending more traffic than others.



How to prevent Click Bombing before it happens. (WordPress)


Setup measures on your website before malicious users can have their way.

Get this WordPress plugin and protect your account from invalid clicks. This plugin gives you the power to set the maximum number of times a visitor is able to click your ads. Setting it to 2 times is recommended.


Summary – Be vigilant, Be aware


Just be aware of every activity happening on your account. No matter how many controls you put you can be banned for something silly like your ads are above the fold.  Read all Google Adsense policies and check against your site.




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