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Why is my Adsense earnings going down? ( 10 Reasons why this happened)

There are many reasons why your Adsense earnings are going down. I will list some of the reasons why your earnings have gone down.


  • Invalid Activity
  • Drop in RPM or CTR
  • Ad Blindness
  • Crawling Problems
  • Increased Mobile Traffic
  • Declining CPC
  • Traffic Sources
  • Ad Placement Changes
  • A Decrease in Traffic ( Search rank has dropped)
  • Accidental Clicks


Invalid Activity

Google monitors and analyses every click which happens on your site. Clicks which are malicious can lower your earnings. For example, if you looked at your earnings in the morning and later on in the day you notice a drop in revenue, impressions or clicks, it is highly likely to have been caused by invalid activity. 

All invalid activity is refunded back to the advertiser.

In our case, we realised low earning when we moved to Cloudflare without setting the mod_cloudflare PHP addon

To deal with this read on how to deal with click bombing here.


Drop in RPM or CTR

RPM (page revenue per thousand impressions) allows users to estimate earnings based on the number of page views received.

If the price of a keyword drops and your highest paying ad displays were based on that keyword, your earnings and RPM will drop.

A traffic drop would be the first signal to assess. If there has been a significant drop in traffic, earnings will plummet as well, but not necessarily the RPM. In the case of an RPM change, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your website traffic levels the same?
  • Is a particular page on your website receiving less traffic than before?

With both CTR and RPM, the content of specific pages will cause different ads to be displayed and can affect your earnings.

Let’s say your website has 2 pages. One page receives high amounts of traffic and typically displays higher-paying ads. The other receives only small amounts of traffic, and the ads are typically low-paying. If the page with the higher-paying ads suddenly sees a decline in traffic while the page with the lower-paying ads sees an increase, your earnings will suffer as a result. Despite this, your traffic will still remain the same. You can measure your page level earnings by integrating AdSense with Analytics.


Ad Blindness

According to research (market research), CTR gradually falls over time as site visitors starts ignoring ads being displayed on your website. This process is called ad blindness.

Following strategies to optimize banner ad revenue is a must.

Here are simple tricks to deal with ad blindness:

  • Change the color of your ads.
  • Change ad type.
  • Rotate your ads.
  • Resize your ads


Crawling Problems

Google Adsense has a bot which crawls your website. If Google can’t crawl your page, the ads displayed are irrelevant. Check your robot.txt if the file is giving access to Google Adsense crawler. You can read more here about how to setup your robots.txt file



Increased Mobile Traffic


If your site is not optimized for mobile and there has been a huge spike in mobile traffic, this can affect your earnings. Please use a website theme which is mobile ready and AMP ready for the best ad performance.


Declining CPC


There is nothing you can do about this. This is completely out of your control. CPC depends entirely on what the advertiser bids for each slot.In addition, of course, one visitor might click a high-paying ad, another might click a low-paying one. There’s really nothing you can do about it; click payments vary from day to day. Here is a list of factors which affect your CPC.

  1. Seasons e.g. holiday seasons
  2. Blocked ads. If you have blocked too many ads then the bidding pressure lowers thereby giving you a lower CPC. I recommend never to block ads to increase the bidding pressure.
  3. Ad sizes used are low performing ad sizes. Best Ad Sizes for CPC and CTR are 720×90, 336×280, 160×600, and the 320×100 mobile banner



Traffic Sources


Traffic is the lifeblood of an Adsense Publisher. If you get dirty traffic,  Adsense will lower your earnings as malicious traffic brings invalid activity with it.

Traffic is important. Always check your referrals. If your traffic is originating from a source which is less inclined to your site content or ads, then definitely your CTR will fall.

Always use social media related traffic as it gives higher click rate percentages than traffic from forums.

DO NOT PAY FOR TRAFFIC.  Paid traffic is usually proxy traffic. Google will lower your earnings rapidly and your account might be disabled.


Ad Placement Changes

Changing the area where you place Google Adsense code may affect your earning positively or negative. Check if you played around with the positions of all your ads. Restore previous or better earning settings.

Search rank dropped

If you drop in search engine rank there is a directly proportional change towards your earnings too. The higher you go on search engine rank the more you earn. The opposite is true.


Accidental Clicks

I noticed recently that Google is now being serious with Accidental clicks. Accidental clicks are caused when a site is slow, when a site is not formatted well and the ads are mixed within the site content e.g. having a site menu overlap on top of Adsense ad or vice-versa.

According to Adsense Polices, this may cause a reduction in earnings or an immediate account ban.





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