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How to setup Adsense Auto Ads on WordPress (No Plugin)

This will show you how to put auto ads on WordPress. Please note that you do not need any plugin to do that.


How to setup Auto ads

1. Click on My Ads —>>> Auto Ads in your Adsense Account Dashboard.

When you login to your Adsense account, click menu on the top left side and click on ‘My Ads’. A drop down menu appears and click on ‘Auto Ads’


Click on Auto Ads
Click on Auto Ads


Setup Auto Ads by clicking ‘Setup Auto Ad’ on the top right screen


2. Configure Global Settings

Toggle on/off the features to your desire. According to AdSense, you can turn on every single feature on your global settings and still maintain a good UX on your website.

Auto ads feature automatically regulates the number of ads that can appear on a page. Even if you currently have ads displayed, you don’t have to take them off.

Once you are done configuring your global settings, click on ‘Save

3. Copy code

Google Adsense will generate code for auto ads which you will have to add to the head section of your site. You will have to copy that code and paste it to the head section of your theme.


4. Add auto ads code to WordPress theme header

You can add this code to the <head> tag of any page on your site using insert headers and footers plugin or directly to your theme. This is the best plugin you can use to insert code in the header section of your site.


If you  use the default WordPress themes, then you can add code to your theme header  under editor in the Appearance menu.

Under appearance>>editor, select the theme you want to add the code to and click on Theme Header (header.php)


Add code to your theme header
Add code to your theme header

Paste the code under the <head> tag and save.

Add below the <head> tag
Add below the <head> tag

It will only take a few minutes before auto ads features take effect in your site.

Note: Auto ads, in most cases, only take care of your in-page ads and, depending on how your theme is designed, may display ads above the fold and below all your posts.

And on mobile devices, especially, vignette ads and matched content ads perform really well.

Your blog sidebars may not be configured to work with auto ads. So you may still need to create ad units and manually add the code to your blog sidebar.


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