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What is the maximum amount of Google Adsense ads can put on a web page?

Google Adsense recently made a policy change. Now in the new policy, there is no limit in the amount of ads you can put on your page.

Below is a quote from Google Adsense Support Page:

Ensuring proper ad placement

Valuable inventory

Advertising and other paid promotional material added to your pages should not exceed your content. Furthermore, the content you provide should add value and be the focal point for users visiting your page. For this reason, we may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.

Examples of unacceptable pages include but are not limited to:

  • Mirroring, framing, scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value;

  • Pages with more advertising than publisher-provided content;

  • Automatically generated content without manual review or curation;

  • Hosted ad pages or pages without content;

  • Pages that don’t follow our Webmaster Quality Guidelines.


Source page for new policy.

The points below explain the major changes from the previous policy.

  1. You can now place more than 3 ad units on a web page.
  2. You can now place more than one large  (greater than 300×600) ad unit on a web page.
  3. Policies still only allows one 320×100 ad unit above the fold on mobile. Below the fold, however,  there is no limit now.


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