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Review: Using Traffic Spirit with Google Adsense to increase traffic

Traffic Spirit is a bot application and it will cost you your Adsense account. It is the English version/clone of the old Jingling software. It turns your computer into a remote host, allowing other bots with the software installed to surf websites to generate fake traffic. It is similar to Tor in this regard, converting your internet connection into a node/proxy.


Here are some comments we have for Traffic Spirit after we reviewed it:


  • This software will convert your  PC into a bot device and will drive traffic to your website through bot method.



  • This software opens up restricted content and should not be used in presence of children.
  • Traffic Spirit uses ONE (Your) IP many times which is against Google Adsense Click IP Usage policies.
  • Traffic Spirit software was detected as a virus on our PC. We had to whitelist it to test it. You can only notice this on your PC when you have a strong antivirus installed.
  • You may earn a lot of Adsense but when it comes to the payment they will ban your Adsense and you don’t get anything for your ‘hard’ work.
  • They do increase your Alexa ranking but it decreases your Search Ranking.

In summary, Traffic Spirit is EVIL for you.


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